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(Sai) Introducing The Sai Life Repair Shop! After training for so long, I’ve noticed a lot of common mistakes. The idea is to help teach proper form and help correct those mistakes. The first exercise is <drumroll> the lunge. Enjoy the video and the saving of your knees. DM us if you are still having trouble with your lunges. 👍🏽

The Leanwich Prep: 2 mins Total time: 3 mins Ingredients • 1 @missionfoodsus Carb Balance tortilla • Mustard • Ham • Swiss Cheese The Leanwich Stats Protein: 32g Fat: 19g Carbs: 6g Fiber: 15g *Mustard is made of turmeric, a great anti-inflammatory. Trainer’s Tips: 1) Eat only 2 times a week 2) Lower the sodium by switching to chicken or turkey

Want to make working out a better experience? Train with a buddy. Benefits of Buddy Training • Keep each other accountable. • You can push each other. • The workout goes by faster. • It’s a lot more fun. So grab a bud and throw some iron 💪🏽

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Why are trainers obsessed with burpees? Reason #1 It will get you fit, fast! Reason #2 You can do them anywhere. Reason #3 Don’t need weights or equipment to do them. Reason #4 Burpees are a total body weight workout so it’s better than running. Reason #5 It will get you fit, fast! Do this workout 3 times a week (alternate days) for a month and you’ll see a difference. 3 Ways to Burpees 20 minutes (Do as many rounds as you can) 1 regular burpee 1 push-up burpee 1 chest to ground burpee *Beginners, try 10 minutes. Good luck and Godspeed 🙏🏽

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(Joeslyn) Full disclosure. I prided myself in being able to do 205 lbs. deadlifts. I was totally cocky and told Sai that we could easily film me working up to it. No problem! And then we did it and I struggled with doing the 185 lbs. deadlifts that you see in the video. I couldn’t even get 205 lbs. off the ground. I was disappointed in myself that I couldn’t do it again. I told Sai that I was sad about it and he totally flipped it around. He said that it was amazing I could lift 185 lbs. since we haven’t done it in so long. Lifting heavy is definitely not our focus when it comes to training so to still have that ability is huge. This is a prime example of reframing your mindset as part of self-care. I saw lifting 185 lbs. as a negative because I used to do more. Sai saw lifting 185 lbs. as a positive because I hadn’t done it in a really long time. We really are our own worst critic. So this reminder to be kind to myself and not dwell on what I used to do. Hope this is a reminder for you, too.

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