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How is it May already? And more importantly, how is it almost summer?⁠ ⁠ Whether you plan on hitting the beach or pool or just want to start working on the pounds you may or may not have gained during this crazy past year, we got you!⁠ ⁠ We were fortunate to collaborate with @voyagelamag multiple times and this article is all about getting summer ready. Even though this was published four years ago (today!), it still holds true.⁠ ⁠ Read more in the link in bio, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and DM us for more tips!

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Doing dips is such a great exercise that hits the triceps and lower chest. But the problem is most people do them wrong and it could lead to a serious injury. So if you’re interested in adding dips to your repertoire, you would be a FOOL if you didn’t, check out our dips tips. Good luck and Godspeed 👍🏽

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Q: How can I lose weight FAST? A: Hate to be a downer, but there is no such HEALTHY way to do it. However, there are certain foods and spices that can help rev up the digestive system. One of those is using the simple lemon. Try this simple drink every morning to help get your day going... • 12 oz water • 2 tbs of lemon juice TSL Tip: Have this drink before you brush your teeth because the acid from the lemon could wear out your enamel. Good luck 👍🏽 P.S. That is a real lemon from a tree in my client’s backyard!

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How do I get rid of these flabby wings? (Sai) One of the top 3 questions people have asked me over the years. My answer has always been pull-ups and push-ups, but they usually hate that answer. Soooooooo if you can’t do or don’t want to do (🙄) those critical exercises, try this workout. Flab be Gone 10 minutes (Do as many rounds as you can) 1 elbow plank to push-up setup 2 overhead shoulder lateral raises 2 rear delt raises 2 bicep curls 2 tricep kickbacks Good luck and Godspeed 👍🏽

(Sai) This might seem cliche coming from a trainer, but there’s nothing that helps you get in great shape quicker than drinking protein shakes. So go find a protein powder that fits your taste and drink up! Truth #1 Helps build muscle Truth #2 Helps your body recover faster after a workout Truth #3 Helps maintain concentration and energy levels Lie #1 Full of unnatural ingredients. If you’ve had fast food or soda, especially diet, stop! If you are still weirded out, go with plant protein because it’s pretty clean. Lie #2 Makes you fat. Bull crap! It’s your diet that needs to be cleaned up. Full Disclosure: I drink whey (milk based) shakes because I can’t stand the taste of plant protein. Click below for protein powder recommendations from me and my clients.

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