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Squeeze in an evening workout before enjoying some of the finest bourbon with your Kin. Excited to find out that @kinwhiskey has now reached the shores of West LA @wineexposantamonica

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(Sai) You can lead a horse to water, but sometimes it takes a few texts to make them drink it.

(Joeslyn) My favorite workouts are the ones that include a continuous sequence of barbell exercises like the Bear Complex. It definitely tests your endurance, but it is super efficient and you just feel extra strong! The Bear Complex comprises of 5 movements that are done one right after the other without putting down the barbell: 1. Clean 2. Front Squat 3. Push Press 4. Back Squat 5. Push Press Traditionally, it is done in 5 rounds of 7 sets or vice versa where completing the 5 movements count as 1 set. At The Sai Life, we mix it up and include it with additional cardio or other exercises to expand the workout as well as changing the weight. As always, if you try this, focus on form and not speed!

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It’s our anniversary! Nine years ago, The Sai Life was born in the middle of the Super Bowl where Sai’s New York Giants were playing (and won!). Since then, The Sai Life became more than just Sai’s personal training business and has evolved to include group training both in person and virtual and an online shop. Thank you for all the support throughout the years. We’re only getting started!

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(Sai) If I have to eat kale, this is one of the ways I get my fiber for the day. For those who ever danced at the @OliveGarden knows about the Zuppa Toscana soup. Since there's not an OG close by, I decided to make my own, crockpot-style!⁠ ⁠ Thanks to @homemadehooplah for the easy recipe 🙏🏽⁠ ⁠ If you’re interested, please DM me on how to make the low carb version.

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